Hello June, are we already half way through 2021?! I can’t believe it. The thing is, and tell me if you feel the same way too, I sort of look to the past months, and not to mention 2020 as a whole, and reflect on my days, did I achieve anything or was it just passed, did I get any step closer to my goals, dreams, self discovery? or was I passively living?

In all cases a gentle reminder to be merciful with yourself not only others, Love yourself and celebrate your small achievements.

Did you stop talking about Palestine? In case you thought it is over it is not, check this amazing guide that is full of information about the cause. The knowledge is the key to support because with the propaganda that Israel does to play the victim, we have to be powerful and know how to share the truth and fight back.

As usual, check medhome_care for covid news shared in timely manner, like the new Vietnamese strain, the tests to be done, and the local production of Sputnik among other news.

F for Fun, facts

As part of our ongoing mental health care awareness, Influencer Burnout is real, don’t be fooled by what the majority try to show you, life ain’t always sugar and spice. Stay genuine and real.

F for Food

Healthy life is never complete without a healthy diet, and what is better than the Mediterranean one? here are three Mediterranean ingredients to pair together for maximum benefits.

F for Fashion

One part of supporting the Palestinian cause is through the support for the fashion designers and local brands, check 10 Palestinian  owned fashion brands that reflect the beauty of a culture that cannot be taken from them like the land.

F for Fitness

You know by now I am a Pilates addict, guys it shapes your body like no other workout, and definitely it is not as easy as it looks. So go ahead and shape shape with this Pilates workout.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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