Cease fire but make it fair! Celebrating a small victory with Palestine as the world is waking up to the rough truth, Israel is an apartheid and is violating all kind of rules and regulations that are set by the UN. Children are killed, people are left homeless, and denied entrance to the country, to basic human rights moreover they are denied the right to LIVE.

The issue is not solved until Palestine is free. Keep talking about Palestine.

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F for fun

Recently, many of us are suffering from the dirty games the instagram algorithm is playing with us! In case you want to have an idea on how to beat it, check these 8 ways. Also take a look at the latest updates in social media including longer reels, and more fun stickers as well as live facebook shopping.

F for food

I tried it and it works, have avocado all season long with this great freezing hack! And the question remains, how do you likem!

F for Fitness

Here is a fun cardio dance workout that is fun and will help you Move it in style!

F for Fashion

Well, what is better than one outfit idea? Three! Check my latest reel and don’t forget to show some love!

See you next week!

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