It takes a toll to maintain one’s mental health and stay composed while facing all the hardships and challenges in Lebanon. It is so frustrating to see how things keep getting worse and worse. One way out, prayer, yes because except the power of Allah SWT nothing can change this situation. Corruption reached the highest levels and unfairness has no limits. Fuel , electricity, dollars, lollars, prices rise and more and more. May Allah look at us with his merciful actions,

Talking about unfairness, the situation in Palestine is ongoing, Isra*el is not stopping its actions towards the victims. They even are forcing people in Silwan destroy their own houses, and yet no international action toward stopping them. Keep following up and supporting by sharing every information to let the world see the true face.

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F for fun

There is no doubt that reading is the food for the soul and brain. A new study published how long you should read for better brain health. What are you reading currently?

F for food

Since lockdown days boosted our love for gardening, why not carry on this summer, learn how to grow your citrus tree and how to regrow ginger! When you do both, send me some!

F for fitness

Stressed, angry or frustrated?! let it all out in this beginner boxing workout! Nothing beats a good workout!

F for Fashion

How to wear pastel colors this spring, summer? Here is an inspiration from my latest reel!

See you next week!

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