Four things to know this Friday

So far so good! The third week is presenting us the third list! Well in between pre and actual birthday celebration, for Myself and I! As I always advise, if you don not celebrate yourself, how would you expect others to?! Anyway I will leave these thoughts and other revelations for my traditional birthday post, […]Read more

Let the curtains fall; 2016 a year in review.

At this time of the year, we tend to measure how much we have fulfilled of the ” Resolutions” we promised ourselves to stick with! That is so depressing, let me do it differently, PtitNFit way!  Today, I want to review my year in a visual way. I tried to pick a photo to represent the […]Read more


Windows of hope, of light, of dreams… This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is about Windows. I collected some of the shots I have taken with both my Nikon professional camera as well as my humble iphone 5S. Join me on an inspirational tour of windows’ images paired, as usual, with related quotes. “The day you start […]Read more