So far so good! The third week is presenting us the third list! Well in between pre and actual birthday celebration, for Myself and I! As I always advise, if you don not celebrate yourself, how would you expect others to?! Anyway I will leave these thoughts and other revelations for my traditional birthday post, meanwhile, let us what to read this week! F for Food Thanks to my coffee knowledgeable friend, aka Maya from, I was recently introduced to Flat white, and I am loving it! If you are still unfamiliar with what the h*** Flat white is, here is what and how to make it!

Flat white at Blanca café

F for Fashion and beauty this time! The breeze of spring is fighting its way to us defying the icey winds. For every season its colors, and the forecast is promising many colors. A stylist is guiding us on how to pull powerful colors like neon green and orange. Would you dare?

Neon green

F for Fitness When do you usually workout? Personally, i prefer to get it done in the morning because God knows what happens during the day, so when I find this article about best working out time I was thrilled knowing that I still take afternoon classes too!  Meanwhile, how about you do this PJs friendly workout!

F for Fun: Can you imagine that wearing the wrong shoes can cost you up to $2,600. Where and how?! Cinque Terre in Italy has a new regulation banning the flip flops while hiking! Check it out here! You can always prepare your trip to Italy by following my guides (here and here) See you next week!

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La Petite

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