Four things to know this Friday

Well last week, we slowed things down, it was much needed after the busy eid period. It was the kind of weeks where you felt like doing nothing at all, and the heat was not helping, adding on that a sudden foot injury, just like that my big toe got swollen and can’t tell you […]Read more

Four things to know this Friday

So far so good! The third week is presenting us the third list! Well in between pre and actual birthday celebration, for Myself and I! As I always advise, if you don not celebrate yourself, how would you expect others to?! Anyway I will leave these thoughts and other revelations for my traditional birthday post, […]Read more

Top 5 heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut-part 2! With a bonus too

This winter is taking it seriously, and I am here to fight back the Blues, by selecting one of the best places that make you enjoy the warmth and embrace the Hygge without breaking the bank! After publishing my first list of the top heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut, I promised you another list, and […]Read more

Lingua café: a surprising mix and a lot more to be told

Beware of the appearances, as behind the most modest doors hide the best experience. A new resto café opened its doors in Sin El Fil, in the same building as The American Lebanese Language Center, where young Jad took in charge a family location and turned it into “Lingua” as he was inspired by the location […]Read more