Well last week, we slowed things down, it was much needed after the busy eid period. It was the kind of weeks where you felt like doing nothing at all, and the heat was not helping, adding on that a sudden foot injury, just like that my big toe got swollen and can’t tell you the pain:( hence I had to break from my weekly appearance!

The last thing that I managed to take part of was Blanca café’s coffee workshop in collaboration with Daliarecommends, there is a competition going on now up to First week of September, all you have to do is order Dalia’s flat white to be part of the draw and win a trip to Paris!

During the workshop, we learned about the two types of coffee beans: arabica ( the best) and robust ( the lower grade). We learned about the different roasts, apparently, the darker the roast, the lower is the caffeine level. And finally we learned how to prepare the different kind of coffees, from french press to chemix and v60 as well as american.

F for food

Talking about Coffee calls, how about some desserts. Even better, how about healthy and easy dessert recipes?! Pavlova, grilled stone fruits or sorbet…


F for facts

Few weeks back, nearly 40,000 fires were detected in the Amazon forest, which is considered the earth’s lungs providing 20 % of oxygen to our planet, an 80 percent increase compared to the same period in 2018. Are you wondering how did we get there?

F for fitness 

No need to repeat how much I looove pilates, so shape your abs like Selena Gomez with these moves.

F for Fashion

80s fashion is taken the runway by storm, so here is your guide on how to hop on this trend’s train with looks that suit you.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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