Beware of the appearances, as behind the most modest doors hide the best experience.

A new resto café opened its doors in Sin El Fil, in the same building as The American Lebanese Language Center, where young Jad took in charge a family location and turned it into “Lingua” as he was inspired by the location for the name.


Two levels, two moods, amazing service and ultimate quality.

Thanks to The.foodb I had the chance to try this lovely concept with Omnomnivorea.view_lb, and rayonreel. All the ingredients of a good evening were present.

The owners are so attentive, and working to deliver a service to make you feel welcome. All details are well thought of. The staff is well-trained and present without being imposing.

We enjoyed a selection of appetizers:

The artichoke and spinach dip: served with their homemade bread: even though I am not a big fan of heavy plates, yet this one is balanced and few bites won’t hurt!


The salmon tartare: a new presentation and the sauce is made with light mayo and really not heavy at all


The Dynamite shrimps: the beautiful serving, the spicy dip, and the crunchiness of the shrimps were at every body’s taste


Trio mini burgers: classic, mexican and bbq, I only had a bite but can say that the quality of the meat is top


Shrimps dumplings: litteraly melting in your mouth, rarely have I tasted ones that good


The baked spring rolls: the dough is also home made and is filled genrously!


Halloum skewers: grilled cubes with cherry tomatoes and basil: so fresh and simple, drizzled with pomegranate molasses adding the needed acidity.


Fresh crab salad: horray, served over a bed of rocca and with pieces of avocado and boiled potatoes on the side; delicious but the sauce needs some adjustment


As for the mains, we could not choose one so we ordered the three:

Steak frites: tender meat, delicious sauce and crispy fries!


Chicken Portuguese per favor: what a creative recipe: mustard sauce, covering the grilled chicken served with homemade grilled mille- feuille stuffed with spinach. It could not get any better!

And the fish filet served with a side of mashed potatoes, lemon sauce with hints of butter which left it creamy yet not heavy and I loved the caramelized carrots contrasting the sour with sweet.


Jad insisted that we taste the home-baked dessert

The peanut butter cake: a must try, it is just DELICIOUS


The triple chocolate: the recipe is so balanced that you can eat the piece by yourself without feeling heavy

The oreo cheese cake and the carrot cake were my least favorite.



A very successful concept managing to create different moods for the same place; I can’t wait to be back and try their coffee corner!

Recommended by La Petite!


Dimitri Hayek Street, Same building as American Lebanese Language Center

Facing Sin El Fil Municipality,

Lingua Cafe - Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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