As I announced last week, expect a post every Friday (‘cough’ hopefully!) where I will be sharing with you some links and topics that interested me during the week (some from before of course).

F for FEMME:

While the month of March is dedicated to Women, let us take a trip through history lane to discover about some women who had a great impact on their countries and the world.

Frida credits to

F for Fashion 

Outerwear deals

I found these very useful  tips on when to get the best deals while shopping different items, each month has a catch, for example you can buy luggage at great prices during March! It can be your handy guide.

F for Fitness

When it comes to workout, one of the most common question is what is recommended as pre and post workout meals. I recently read this article explaining the importance of protein based meals after a workout, here is why.  Meanwhile, why don’t you try my Pilates workout!

F for Food:

After the workout, you may splurge in some pastry, with moderation s’il vous plait! In case you lack inspiration, here are 16 of the world most famous pastries.

Kouigan Amman Cuisine 

See you next week!

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