This is not my usual birthday post, as life surprises us often to remind us that we have no control on anything.

Early celebration with work
Wednesday started at one of my favorite new discovered hidden gems in Hamra, blanca café Bistro where a cookie by talented Lara Ariss and a message was served with the latte: DREAM WITHOUT FEAR! I equally enjoyed the blueberry pancake and I definitely recommend it!
Latte art
Blueberry pancakes












Ending a day, the way it should be, surrounded by dear ones ( not all of them but still) those who celebrated me with their hearts and presence.

Birthday wishes
Love you ladies

Bar du port on the angelic voice of the talented Joy Fayad served us the tasty food and dessert, so the birthday girl blew her candle, said her last wishes and went to bed.

Artichoke salad
Quinoa salad
Pain perdu

Attentiveness from those I call beautiful souls: My loved family, My colleagues, Awesomista Rayane, Sandourati, Krys, Mayousha, Amanda and Massiel.

Messages and wishes that flood my pages and phone😍.

So what about lessons? Well before I go to how the second day started; let me first share few thoughts from the past year.

❣️Not everyone deserves your time, support and love.

❣️Surround yourself and you invest in those who LOVE you, care for you and empower you.

❣️Don’t let anyone Dim your light, condescending / bullying is now a trend, but don’t let that get to you.

❣️Follow your intuition / heart / dream whichever you call this voice inside of you, listen to it.

Waking up last Thursday was not as happy as I wanted, a message telling me that my paternal grandma passed away.

Yes, she is old, but as a human being, I am selfish and want to spend most time with the loved ones. Yet it was time for her to go, she had a tough life but I learned from her to love people, prioritize happiness and carry on no matter what.

I am lucky to have spent time with her and this what calms my heart.

She is surely now an angel looking from up above, with her sons and family: we love you siti, may you rest in eternal heaven.

I would like to thank each one of you, for being there for the good and the bad; I am blessed Alhamdella

Stay fabulous

La Petite


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