Chez Rémy: And you are now family!

It was through the sweetest Blondburgirl aka Estelle that I was introduced to this hidden gem, and you know how much I love those places where you are not only there to eat but also to be part of the family. On a gloomy Saturday, I walked in the warm bistro. Heartfelt welcome from Chady […]Read more

Tailor’s bar: a custom made eve

Located in Badaro, facing East Village , Tailor’s bar will catch you eye with its decoration and will gain your heart with the sweet service and delicious food. Pick your seat, on their upper floor, on the bar or outside on the trottoir. We opted for the upper terrace area, very well ventilated which was more than […]Read more

East village: New York? no this is Beirut!

Discretely hidden behind glass doors, in the vibrant street of Badaro, with their reputation spreading all over social media of the mouth-watering photos of their plates, East village has everything to please. Dim lights, brick walls, wooden tables: an ambiance that transports you to Manhattan. The menu is sophisticated as of an upscale restaurant yet chill […]Read more

Lunch bag like Mom’s

While many crave burgers and fries, that I do love, of course, my weekly craving is mom’s lentils soup or Kishk with a side of kebbe whatever it was made from: meat, pumpkin or sweet potatoes. I was searching zomato for a reasonable delivery of my all time favorite, and that could be at the […]Read more

One word photo challenge: Cat, and CCY challenge: #23 Black and White

I love those photography challenges around one word / theme, I’m combining in this post both themes. It happened that few weeks ago, I was walking with a friend of mine, and we were intrigued by a small kitten on a pile of rocks near a construction site. It looked so fragile and scared, we tried to […]Read more