Here is a scenario: you are surfing the internet, checking the sites for good deals, and finally you find what you are looking for; you click to purchase to find out that the item does not ship to Lebanon; what a bummer!

You start asking in your social media feed: guys is anyone coming from X or Y country? You are desperate yet you don’t want to pay $$$$$ for shipping services so how can you get your itemdelivered to you?

Well, On your way is your friend coming from USA and Europe and bringing whatever, legal ofcourse:P, thing you want.

It is a Lebanese startup that has tackled an important gap we have whenever we find good deals on international websites and yet that is not deliverable here. It created a platform to link the travelers with the shoppers.

How it works for shoppers:

Start first by signing up to create an account.

On your wat
Copy paste the link to the product you want to buy (from trusted websites only).
Within 24 hours, the support team will contact you to tell you about the fees you will pay (which are usually around 50 % less than what you would pay with traditional shipping services).

on your way 2
You can estimate the fees with the tool they provide on their website too (taking into consideration the price and weight of the item as well as its size and how it will be shipped (pocket, backpack, suitcase…)

Once you confirm the acceptance of their offer, you will proceed with the payment (cash in their offices or online) and so you will be notified of the estimated time of delivery as well as when the traveler receives your product.

on your way 3
When the product is received, On your way team will notify you by email; you can either pick it up at their office or arrange the delivery to your address.

Overall I saved around 50 % fees compared to a shipping service. You can eve save more for items with smaller dimensions.

on your way 4

On the other side of the service, the travelers! You can sign up as a traveler willing to be the messenger and the team handles the verification process to join the group!

The exact travel dates and location should be then communicated to the team as well as how much space and weight is available in your suitcase. When an order is received from a shopper, you will receive the request to confirm the acceptance to carry the product. The team in Beirut handles everything and they send the item to your address.

Once you arrive to Beirut, you should pass by the offices or arrange the pickup of the item to receive your money!


My tripod

La Petite totally recommends!


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