Whether you are a tourist visiting Lebanon or simply a Lebanese exploring your country, Lebanon is the place that has what pleases every taste.

Exploring the collection at Maroun ice cream parlor in Bekaa

I was inspired when my sister was coming for a visit with her family from the USA and we were looking to profit the most showing her husband and kids around.

I would like to add that, besides what I would mention here, this tiny country would have still much more to offer.

The main destination such as the historical places in Baalback, Anjar, Byblos, Batroun, Sidon and Tyr are not to be missed if you are visiting for the first time. Not to forget sites like Jeita grotto, the cedars and Jounieh bay with the telefrique.

After touring these places upon previous visits; it was time to act half local half tourist.

Day 1: Bekaa Gems:

The valley is generous with location: ecotourism, history, food and more.

Start your day, if you are coming from Beirut with a must stop either at Hedwan for authentic arishi with honey sandwich for the sweet tooth or labne baladeyi with olive oil in markouk bread. If you have a bigger appetite there is always Seasweet knefe which opened a new Branch in Mekse. Another interesting address is definitely Al Manara for your dairy dose.

Cro-nefe Sea Sweet

You can continue your journey to Zahle, walk in its souk, have lunch at Tallet Abou Zeid, after which you have to go to Berdawne for the unmissable ice cream!

Lunch at Bou Zeid
Berdawni Ice cream
Happy at Bou Zeid

If Zahle does not appeal to you, Anjar is a great destination, visit the Omawee citadel, and finish your day relaxing at Al Shams restaurant for a well-earned feast!

Photo Via Lebanon In a picture
Trout at Al Shams
Don’t miss Al Shams Ice Cream
Again Happy me At Al Shams

If you are not into historical places, Deir Taanayel is a great place to unwind, rent a bike or just walk by the lake, grab your dairy products and head to Khan Al Maksoud for an authentic lunch; you can even book your night there.

Entrance Khan Al Maksoud
Live Saj at Khan Al Maksoud
By Taanayel Lake

Guess what, I also have another plan for you, Tawlet Amiq, yeah on the famous instagrammable road, where you can enjoy a whole day eating and relaxing, even sleep at one of their rooms, rent a bike and take a tour at the reserve.

Tawlet Amiq
Dessert buffet At Tawlet Amiq
Relaxing at Tawlet Ammik

Day 2: Arnaoon village

A Sunday well spent is a week of content, right? On a hill after Batroun, Arnaoon village combines the adventure, the farm, and the time travel to the old village.
Make sure to call and reserve your table as the place gets really packed.
Start with the breakfast buffet, cereals, knefe or just mana2ish. Then head to tour around, they have zip lines, bus tour, small farm, rope walking, or manual cars tour. Spend fun moments playing before heading to the large International and lebanese buffet, live cooking stations, and live music as well as entertainment for kids.

What would make you smile?

On your way back, you can either visit the old souks in Batroun, refresh with a lemonade, watch sunset and if there is room have seafood dinner! Or continue to Jbeil to check the citadel, walk in the old souks, and have dinner near the port.

Day 3: Moussa Castle to Beirut

Moussa, may his soul RIP, passed away this year, but he inherited us his Castle, an inspiration to all of us who have dreams, to never give up. Rock by rock, he built a castle and incarnated in it the good old days. In each corner a piece of the ancestors lives and Collectible vintage treasures.

Fresh Air at Moussa Castle

The visit should take you around 3 hours after which you can either visit Beit el Din, and Deir El Qamar, where you can spend the day at Beit el Qamar, and have a feast at their Tawlet. Head south to visit Saida, its khan, citadel and souks. Grab a bite from the street vendors, at Tawlet or at any seafood restaurant.

Recharging at Beit El Qamar

Or simply, head back to Beirut like we did, have lunch in Zaitunay Bay, walk to the souks shop and grab your fresh ice cream from Al Antabli, or head for lunch at Paname in Saifi and grab your caffeine fix at the Back Burner.

Healthy Lunch at Paname
Ruins at Saifi
Ice cream Al Intabli
Happy Kid at Sip

Rest a bit and come back for a beautiful sunset at The Roof Four seasons, if it was a Wednesday, make sure to stay and enjoy the feast of grilling Wednesdays, you can also dine at the Grill Room.

Stylish sunset at The Roof

Another beautiful location to watch sunset is Cherry on the rooftop at Le Gray, live band is playing on Thursdays too so why not!

Sunset at Le Gray
Light dinner at Cherry on the rooftop
Baby dream of playing Piano

From the valley to the mountains and back to the city, three days packed plan that will give you a taste of Lebanon.

Enjoy your vacation!


La Petite


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  1. I love love this article! I was about to share my own versions for one day! It is nice to read and look at it from your perspective! 😍


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