Afaf, this phenomenal personality whose vibes dominate the place, that she did not even visit yet, is the inspiration for the new home bakery – coffee shop scene.

Getting to know Afaf
Afaf Al Turk

Amani, a Lebanese, met Farah, the Jordanian, who is passionate about her grandma Afaf, the story was told and the two combined their passion for poetry, tattoos, family and  much more; with their skills they are paying homage to Afaf.
A journey of one year started, from collecting the recipes, finding the location, neutralizing it to welcome Afaf’s touch. When you open that door with whisk handle, and that front sign, you are actually visiting her house.
Her touch is everywhere, most of the items, including the silvery, cups and plates were actually hers, and the rest of the things were either a replica of what she has or inspired by her taste.

It started in the heart
High tea anyone?
A replica of Afaf’s mirror and other inspired items
Painting From Farah’s house
Wall of fame, Afaf’s early years and items from her house

Further more, the ladies had their touch too, Farah a tattooed girl and Amani a poetry fan, had Bokja customize the sitting area, while Farah released her inner artist in the beautiful mural with quotes and Afaf’s portrait.

Love, all about Love
Her smile overlooking the space

A neat menu, cookies and cakes (on daily basis)  baked by Farah following Afaf’s recipes where the quality of the ingredients is A scale, few sandwiches, coffee and tea as well as some light alcohol beverages.


On a Saturday morning, I walked through the door and the history of Afaf, her life on the walls, in the plate and in the vibes of the place.

My nescafe followed by cappuccino were served with the sticky date cake and the orange cake, both baked following religiously Afaf’s recipe, and I felt as if I was in her living room, listening to her stories while chatting with her.

Cappuccino flavored with stories
My coffee and cakes
A tray of Love, Just Because this is how Afaf would have served it
Meticulous preps by Vicken
Farah in her Open kitchen following Afaf’s recipes

The ladies kept me good company. The coffee, the mood, the cakes and the vibes were the perfect recipe for time well spent.

With the sweeties

Guess who is becoming a regular!

A new wall with stories

La Petite


Youssef Al Hayek Street,
Near Malolo, Gemmayze,

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