Afaf: Just because …The new cozy address flavored with stories

Afaf, this phenomenal personality whose vibes dominate the place, that she did not even visit yet, is the inspiration for the new home bakery – coffee shop scene. Amani, a Lebanese, met Farah, the Jordanian, who is passionate about her grandma Afaf, the story was told and the two combined their passion for poetry, tattoos, […]Read more

Tusk: a truly secret gem.

Mar Mkhayel back-roads have plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, from Kalei to Makan and Motto and plenty of other spots off the beaten track, offering unbeatable culinary experiences. And my search for these gems is ongoing. As one day in my Instagram feed I spotted a bakery like no other: Tusk. It took a while to finally find […]Read more