No matter how many times we say we will not do this, many of us find themselves stuck the last days before Christmas turning around to find suitable gifts for our loved ones.

I got your back dears, traffic avoidance included, and arranged discount codes with the following websites

  1. Toter’s delivery:  This Famous app that has its place in our phone that initially delivered the un-deliverable items like your hot coffee, has now extended to cater many other products, check their partners and make sure to use the code PTITNFIT when you make your first purchase to get 7 $ discount!1041
  2. Elsa Chocolate: With her unique recipes, Elsa managed to add smiles during the occasions and has even introduces Chocolate workshop for adults and kids! And yes, you can use the code PTITNFIT10 to get 10 % discount on your online orders till 31/12/2017. Hurry up and profit before it is too late!1229
  3. Feel 22: An online platform delivering beauty products for both women and men at amazing prices, with the range of products increasing, a free delivery and many deals all year long. Use the code PTITNFIT  upon checking out to get 10 % discount on your bill!1029

I also recommend two tastylicious gifts that will surely please anyone:

  1. Hisham’s nut mix! Yes Hisham is now taking orders for home-made Christmas treats. As promoted healthy, nutritious, gluten-free, and vegan!
    Order your batch by contacting him.Photos credit to @hisham_ad
  2. The good thymes: The authenticity uplifted with a twist of different Thyme mixes and delicately balanced flavors that are not like anything you tasted! Check their website for more info.

In the end what matters the most is the gift that God gave each of us to be around family and friends.

Do your share of good by giving back for those in need as Christmas is about feeling with them too. It could be a warm smile and more if you had the ability to❣️❣️❣️

So have yourself a very merry Christmas.

La Petite


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