While we all get excited for travelling, nothing is more annoying than packing.

It gets to be very challenging, specially when you are travelling for few days, and you are bound to mere 23 kg, girl I hear your struggle!

I promised to share with you many details about my trip to Belgrade with OuiBook so keep your eyes on the blog for the rest! Let me start first by sharing what to pack for your trip.

Here are few tips that could help you simplify the task:

1- Make sure to see the weather forecast as this would be the main factor affecting what you might need

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2- Specify how many days and nights, and define the type of trip you are taking: business, leisure, both, backpacking…

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3- Make a list of things you need per category; believe me it might sound a bit nerdy, but this works like magic, my list includes:

  • Camera, ipad, earplugs and chargers with adapters if needed, you can add ipod, gopro or whatever any tech tool
  • The Basics: pjs, undies, socks…
  • Shoes: boots, running shoes, heels for a dressed up eve…
  • Outfits: usually one for the day (with an extra shirt as things happen) and an evening outfit
  • Outerwear choose one or two jackets and scarves that would match all the outfits
  • Medication that you usually take or ones that you might need
  • Your skin care and perfume; here the  samples that you get while purchasing from beauty stores get really handy and a in case you prefer pack a small quantity of your shampoo
  • Snacks such as dates, dried fruits, biscuits (I do pack my cereals as a backup plan if the hotel’s breakfast was not satisfactory!)
Credits to Tenor

This time I made sure to take some snaps on how I organized my outfits.

We were lucky to have a springy weather yet the temperatures were changing during the day so I was adding and removing layers as needed.

I made sure to have outfits suitable for our long days exploring and other ones for our evening outings.

Airport outfit: leggings and shirt from Mango and sweater from Zara

Day outfit: shirt, jeans and top from Tom tailor ; faux fur gilet and beret from Otherside

Relaxed day outfit: jeans overall from Bershka, Gilet from Tommy Hilfiger and top from Bossini

Night outfit: top from Mango and pants from Zara

Birthday outfit: shirt from Mango and pants from Otherside

Birthday outfit: Skirt from Mango and skirt from Moustache

Let me know what additional tips do you use?

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