Summer is officially here, and whatever were your plans, make sure to celebrate it! We had a rough winter and a rougher spring, and while there is nothing we can do to change the current situation, we have to change our perception and our expectations.

Yes we might not travel and we might not be able to explore as we want, but there is always an alternative and we have to work around to enjoy the days. One thing we learned during this crisis is how precious every moment is, and how grateful should we be with so little.

Throughout this pandemic there were many Myths about corona, it is time to debunk them and base our knowledge on facts. When it comes to protection, what are the pros and cons of shields vs masks?

We have another light of hope with this new/ old drug that is being under test and is already showing some results minimizing the death rate among the serious cases.

And finally, please be mindful and reach out whenever you feel overwhelmed. Here are some techniques to help you cope with anxiety


F for Fun / Facts

Are you considering traveling this year? And if so to which destination? Here is the list of the Safest EU countries in case Europe is on your mind, and take me with you🤭.

F for Fashion

A beauty editor shares with us a Step by step makeup to achieve the look. And once you remove the makeup (you better be cleaning your face before sleeping !) here are some face scrubs to try.

Silly face:P

F for Fitness

I love to target all the body with one session just like this 20 minutes total body workout.

F for Food

How to shop fruits like a pro? From watermelon to pineapple and avocado, you will be able to pick the best. Then when you end up with overripe bananas, bake this bread !



See you next week!

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