It is never too late to share my self care  tips and tricks that helped me survived the long lockdown period and even more get used to some of them even after.

The DIY tutorials were the most researched during the quarantine, as people had no other choice but create in their own cocoon whatever they need without relying on the non existing outside services.

Head in the clouds

Home Baking / cooking

I doubt you can find a person who didn’t release the inner chef in them and ventured in the kitchen during the lockdown!
I already am on good terms with kitchen and so during this period I enjoyed creating recipes and adding a twist to the ones I love.
Try one of these and let me know your feedback.

tahini lazy cake
Lazy cake
chocolate pistachio oat balls
Oat balls

Home workout

Fit and healthy lifestyle is my motto. I am not a gym person and usually I workout daily at home. However I missed the intensity of the reformer pilates classes. Luckily I have some tools at home like the ring, the stretch bands, weights and the swiss ball that add some spice to the home workout. I follow my own videos that you can find on my youtube channel and IGTV as well as the ones by blogilates.
I was walking around the neighborhood almost daily and it helped me also maintain my fitness level, 3-4 km per day are enough!


Home mindfulness
I was lucky to have online yoga classes for two months which were facilitated by my favorite humans Dalia and Neyla. I am currently practicing yoga following Yoga with Adirene and I totally recommend her!
Dalia offers classes so you can book yours with her, she also shares many tips on mindfulness and anxiety. Maysa and Maya also had their role in boosting me during this period.


Home beauty care

I experimented in few home made treatments that I would recommend  and they are all ingredients that you have in your pantry / fridge.

For ultimate eyebrows and lashes growth and health, castor oil is a savor. Using an old clean mascara brush, spread some on these areas on daily basis and night and watch the magic happen

For hair care, I was alternating oil masks using almond and Argan oil before shower, and Nuxe oil as a leave in when i had my hair curly. Give your hair the time to rest from heat treatment, it will appreciate it!
One important tip is to dry your hair using a cotton shirt and not towel after shower. It will limit the frizziness and the breakage.

Curly girl method

Facial masks are the best form of self care, besides the ready to use masks that I recommend like the one by Origins, Matriskin, L’oreal , Sephora and the face shop.

Morning routine
Night routine

Here are two masks for getting back the glow, my skin is mixed so I cannot recommend this for dry skin.

  • Mix one egg yolk with 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil and a handful of oat. Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes.
  •  Mix 1 tbsp of: plain yogurt, honey and turmeric powder. Leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes .(Alert turmeric stains alot so better use gloves and make sure to wear your least fav tshirt!)
Post facial glow

Home style

Dressed up with no where to go was not something that depressed me. On the contrary, I used it as a booster for my mood. I promised myself on daily basis to show up for myself, get dressed and light makeup on. On some days I was even experimenting with editorial style make up looks. I know that the comfort that pjs give is unequal, yet the boost in energy and mood when you get dressed is surprising and worth it. Follow all my ootd on my instagram.

Home entertainment 

Hello binge watching, yes I joined the tribe of turkish series fans! I watched Her yerde sen which is a very light rom com, Yasak elma which is a social drama with a touch of comedy (I am counting the days for the release of season 4!) and currently finishing the most touching series Mucize Doktor which is the story of an autist boy who turned into a Doctor focusing on the inclusion and acceptance of the society and believing in human connections.

Reading was of my entertainment. I finished Alice’s tulip which is a beautiful story about a wife who was separated from her husband during the civil war in USA, and the places that scare us for Pema Chodron which will guide through the tools that you can use to overcome hard times. And recently, I started a new book Un avion sans elle for Michel Buisson which is the story about a baby girl who survived airplane crash

Recommended books

See you next week!

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