Every week I try to push you and myself to see things from another perspective and every week it is harder. I am trying to cope and to live day by day without letting my anxiety of a dark future veils over me.
When you look around and see the continuous lira depreciation, when you are threatened of not having access to the basic needs like food and fuel and electricity, when your savings became a virtual number that is held at the bank and the outside rates are flying up in the sky, you have two solutions: give up or keep fighting; I am still choosing the latter.

I am afraid, yes and I admit it. I am afraid of the coming days and what they might hold for us. Rumors of war, of famine of covid second wave and other disasters on human and health and safety.
Every day messages flood my screens, and even when I want to disconnect, how achievable it is to live in denial. I want to be hopeful, I want to aspire to better days, I want to enjoy the present moment and trust me I am trying.
Each morning I set my intention to be more mindful and grounded, but some days I feel that even Buddha would have lost it:(.

Some ask me why am I still here? Mind you all my family members are abroad and I never felt that I BELONG here, I am home. It didn’t matter how much money I make,  I was able to afford living decently. And for the past three years, there was a decline that made me question my decision of staying. Whether in my job or my blog or my personal life I feel that I am trapped. I started searching for a way out while not being fully convinced with the idea. I don’t want to be forced to leave and unfortunately this is the case now.
I have shortness in breath just imaging this, but maybe it is the only solution to survive. To leave and love Lebanon while being away.

F for Fun /Fact

Summer bummer is definitely the annoying insects and bites, however practical ways to get rid of them are available for you in your own garden. Check these Mosquito repelling plants and get gardening!

F for Fitness

With many discussing the fear of a new COVID 19 wave, ideas on how to maintain the social distancing while enjoying our daily activities are not lacking. How about a bubble yoga workout?

Yoga with Adriene

F for Food

Hard times call for hard actions, and with this economic situation not sparing any, check these meals ideas on budget .

Summer Harvest

F for Fashion

I shared with you my self care home edition and here are some hair masks that you can do using items from your pantry.

Hair goals!

See you next week!

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