Back when I was still a teenager (don’t tell anyone how many years back!) I started suffering from insomnia.

Knowing that it runs in the family from my mother’s side, it was not that pleasant. My insomnia was triggered by many things, from worrying too much about the exam the day after, a fight with a friend or sibling, to love stories and whatever comes in between.
I used to binge watch my favorite series, or play games on my phone until my eyes and mind drift away to sleep land. And this is when I started to cherish sleep and fiercely protected my sleep routine.

Our bodies are scheduled to take the 6-8 hours rest to rejuvenate the cells and recharge the body. Any lack of balance in this mechanism can lead to a disturbed cognitive performance, the hormones secretion, the metabolism and the MOOD. Lack of sleep is linked to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, Alzheimer and even depression.

For those who struggle here are some of the tips that I actually tried and work in enhancing your night of sleep.

1- Set bedtime:

And have no shame about it. As you set your alarm every morning to wake up, set a mental one to switch off! As you know, our body works according to a biological clock, and we can set its rhythm


2- Sip this Skip that:

The quality of Food and drinks we have prior to bed time also affect our sleep. Make sure to have your last meal not later than 8, avoid heavy meals that will take time to digest disturbing sleep and not only weight gain. You should also avoid sugars that will excite your system. On another note, caffeine, theine are linked with inducing insomnia so keep their consumption moderate and if possible no later than 5 pm and alcohol is known for messing with you sleep cycle which can deprive you from your dreams, you don’t want that!

Instead opt for chamomile, theine free teas I love light feeling by Awan and biopret relaxing tea ; warm milk with manuka honey is known for its soothing effect too.

I usually love to have breakfast for dinner: rice cakes or soja sticks with labne, white cheese, some zaatar and veggies: how tempting is that! There are plenty of light dinner options if you are eating out too which are not only salads. If you follow me I share many options on my insta and fb pages too.

3- Switch off the blue screens:

As I always say, we need to prepare our mind to rest and sleep; it is not a switch on switch off button.  Make sure to turn off the devices at least one hour prior to your set bed time, for those who read on electronic devices, check what are the options to protect your eyes too.
If you can, set your alarm the old ways and keep your phone outside the bedroom.

4- Drift your mind to nothingness

How many of you can not shut their minds from thinking when they lay down on their beds? I personally suffer from that; sometimes I would even think about what to wear the second day!

However after reading about the benefits of meditation, and even if I am still doing it assisted, I advise you to give it a try. I have downloaded and tried calm, breethe and my favorite is insight. You can find many instructors and you choose what do you need meditation for.
I also find that doing yoga at night very helpful, I opt for 6 pm classes, so I can come home after and disconnect for a better sleep.

5- Cozy up  your bed

Give an importance to the design of your bedroom; this is where your dreams are made! First step would be to choose soothing colors for the walls, dim light, a comfortable mattress and cushion, adjusted room temperature, and maybe an eye mask as well as ear plugs if you live in a noisy neighborhood. The fluffiest the cover the coziest the bed!

Bedsheet :zara home, Pjs :women’s secret,

In case everything fails, well, count the sheep!

Nighty my little peeps!

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Wake up Fabulous


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