Ok sorry I am too excited!

It is funny how sometimes we overlook our progress and underestimate the achievements we fulfill. How essential it is to sit and reflect.

I was amazed on the leap I took this year on different levels:

– Personal: a fierce power protecting me and my dear ones; no buls*** is taken when it comes to that. I cherish my time and energy.

– Carrier and blog: my engine, my passion fuels me to work hard, and I am grateful on the efforts that lead to the successes I witnessed with the recognition of my work hamdella.

– Health: nothing would change my healthy lifestyle; once you adopt it, you can never be back to nasty habits! 9 years and counting.

This is how I am starting the year, carrying with me the lessons that I learnt: remotely or hard way. My ambition to become always a better version of me in many levels which keeps pushing me forward, one step at a time. And with this Intention, I am setting my goals for a year full of the achievements in the areas that I want; this will be my drive.

Now thinking about the past year, let me recap it with 12 moments that marked the 12 months.


It all started with a sentence that I read somewhere online, and so I decided to spread the kindness and TODAY I WILL , in contrast to the resolutions and to do lists, it was meant to start the year with a promise to take care of oneself each day. Starting February, it became a weekly Monday Mood Boost.


Spa visits where the highlight of the month; pampering all the way!

H2O the Spa


I can’t keep Calm, It is My BIRTHDAY! And guess what, I spent it in Belgrade. Oh boy what a trip! Make sure to check the recommendations if you are planning your trip!


Well what can I say, travel surely marked my year, and I hope this will be the case this year,

Finally after almost three years, I was back to USA. The converse headquarters visit was so unique and from Boston to NYC for my first Broadway show, and not any, Phantom of the opera, words cannot describe how grandiose it is. Off to Sunshine state for a well needed reunion with my sisi. Needless to say we shopped till we dropped!


My favorite month: Ramadan, the feeling that preoccupies my heart and soul and whole being.

Hamdella for witnessing it again. I was happy this year to take part of the Mintbasil Souhour ideas with many recipes.


Hello sista! It was my turn to let her re discover Lebanon! She was my favorite plus one to many events!


A day trip to Antalya’s land of legend?! Yes please! And this marked the beginning of around the world in 30 days . There was plenty of memories to share from my previous trips.


Don’t you just love summer! Who said you have to go far to disconnect? A staycation can be the cure to wanderlust heart! And at Beit et Tawlet you are surely not deceived.


My first cooking class with a lively group under the guidance of Chef Sally in the pantry. An experience to repeat!


The return of an era. At Grand Sofar hotel, the artist Tom Young retraced the history of a charming history. I am still mesmerized.


Re discovering my country’s beauty, one city at a time. Beit Chabeb as seen by a local, my cute Ranine so check the video.


Baking with love, when beauty, health and dessert meet, it is a successful event! Vivacy   launching event of its website was so unique. It was in rhyme with the festive mood.

What is in store for the new year you ask? You have to keep an eye on the blog, Youtube channel as well as my insta and Facebook and twitter pages.

Plenty beautiful content and new ideas; now your turn to tell me how was your year and what would you like to see more on my pages?

Stay fabulous


La Petite

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