Bye bye 2022, personally looking back at my year AMAZED me, how much I have accomplished yet how little was I aware of that! I am preparing the usual end of year review, and you will understand what I am talking about, meanwhile, can we agree not to think about anything but enjoying those last days of the year, immersing ourselves in the holiday season, no shoulds and haves, no resolutions no new me new anything, just relax and ENJOY!

F for Fun /facts

Bid your sleep goodbye if your hosting this year! Before you get competitive, take a step back and see how this can harm you.

F for Fashion /Beauty

Siren makeup is going viral on Tiktok, would you? Time to take a look back at the most successful ads during 2022 and time to shop my favorites on revolve and fwrd because definitely there is something to please you and your budget!

F for Fitness

Keeping it simple in the end of the year workouts, as long as you keep moving! Single leg dead lifts workout and I know I definitely will be doing these much needed lower back pain relief poses.

F for Food

One of the best tricks when you receive is to prepare ahead, and these appetizer recipes will make your life easier. Tahini buns are definitely worth trying and why not four ingredients brownies!

See you next year!

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La Petite

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