Make food not war is not just a slogan, it is a mantra by which the Tawlet, Beit and Souk el Tayeb family live by.

Kamal Mouzawak is acknowledged world-wide for his dedication to empower farmers, local producers and mothers working with passion and saving the Lebanese heritage special to each village.

What started as a farmers market, has extended now to guest houses and restaurants that are not your typical ones: Chou tabkha mama l yom, aka what is mama cooking today, you will find Monday to Friday a different menu, a different Mama chef, offering her know how and her tender love in the plates she is cooking just as she does home.

On several occasions, I had the chance to visit Tawlet Ammik, a beautiful unique experience that is worth the trip.


It was time to have a taste of the Tawlet at Beirut. First time, I was thrilled to be present for the launch of Manger Libanais, where stories of Mamas are told and their favorite recipes are shared. Each lady delicately prepared her favorite dish, and I was really lucky to sit and chat with many of them, not to forget the awesome chef Fadi, Nada, Elliana, Steven, Nour and Cindy.


Homos, fateyer, sel2 w itch, akoub and kebbe, kishk akhdar and mjadara, daoud basha, seyadeyi and shish barak and that list is endless.


As for dessert it was pure delicacy!


Another visit for a pre- Christmas gathering over a brunch cooked by Chef Fadi, a feast of flavors and laughter. With Christmas vibes and blessings, we were sweetly floating in joyful times.


Freekeh salad, Kiskh akhdar, mjadara, tabbouli, cherry tomatoes salad and beetroot, artichokes, kibbi, and homos, sheikh el m7shi and stuffed oriental chicken not to miss my favorite eggs with awarma in clay.


A spread of mouth-watering desserts, the famous stollen, sfouf b debs, karabij, meghli and carrot cake. The sweetest way to celebrate surrounded by beautiful loving souls.


The third time is the charm, yes. For the launch of Tawlet catering services! Again my love for theses folks keeps growing, while as part of the family, I was there enjoying the tasty dinner prepared by Chef Dima Al Chaar! herra2 osba3o, fraket batata, fawaregh, war2 3arish, mousakhan and fatayir, fawaregh and kabsi, and the best of the best My FAVORITE freekeh Salad!


Dessert, the karabij, Laymounieh (still have its taste in my mouth!) Oum 3ali and sfouf debs.


Another meal, another success. And a sneak peek to the new Beyt still under construction (shush keep it between us!)


When you want to nourish your soul not just your stomach, it is definitely THE address to go to.


La Petite


5 thoughts on “Tawlet catering, the new service by Tawlet Souk el tayeb; united for the love of food

  1. PtitnFit your passion for what you do transform any world you describe in a fantasy magical place where people can’t help but want to live in. Thank you for transporting us and thank you shedding light on some “hidden gems off the beaten track”

    Keep it up


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on what is really close to my heart. Places with a story deserve to be known and appreciated by beautiful souls like you! And I would always be searching and sharing my discoveries!


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