Four things to Know this Friday

Family first! This weekend I was happy a girl when my brother and his family arrived to spend the summer vacation here; nephews’ love is unequal. A slow week, sponsored by heat and humidity! Let’s learn new things F for fun Planning a trip to Spain? Take me with you :P. And while we are […]Read more

Top 8 heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut-part 3!

Last year I set myself the mission of sharing with you my discoveries of the most heartwarming coffee shops in our beloved B city, and here we are on the third list, it is the charm! Afaf just because:A small outlet telling the story of a great lady, around a good cup of coffee or […]Read more

Top 8 heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut

From Home to Dar, where can you Sip your “Beloved”(Kalei) drink this winter as one of Four seasons while Gordon and Angelina are tagging along! Oh and a surprise addition to the gang too🤗 Wow, that was pretty much of a long introduction, but you get my point, I tried to summarize for you what […]Read more

Freshly brewed sip: The liquor coffee store

  Hidden behind flowers planted in chunky coffee beans bags, with an inviting indoor seating open 24/7, the liquor coffee store is a coffee shop by day and a bar by night. You can pass and enjoy your drink, stoke your pantry or soon buy your ground coffee beans too. Rabih is there to welcome […]Read more

The resplendent Fleur Thé

In a time where commercial spots are invading us, authentic concepts, no matter how rare, are to be cherished! Clever are the owners who seized the idea that people are coming not to fill their stomach but their eyes, souls, and hearts with exquisite experiences. On a day where the weather was confused, I stepped, […]Read more