Family first! This weekend I was happy a girl when my brother and his family arrived to spend the summer vacation here; nephews’ love is unequal.


A slow week, sponsored by heat and humidity!

Let’s learn new things

F for fun

Planning a trip to Spain? Take me with you :P. And while we are at it, check those ten beautiful coffee shops in Madrid.

Courtesy Café de la Luz


F for Food

Cooking oils recommendations are varying alot each time a new study emerge, and we stand lost, should we use canola oil or EVO, coconut or ghee? Here is your guide to the five healthy cooking oils to help you choose.

Coconut oil


F for Fitness (health)

Raise your hands if you have trouble to sleep:( Besides avoiding caffeine and blue screen, what else can be done? Here are 7 foods to enhance the zzzz time!


F for Fashion (beauty)

With summer comes many occasions and wearing makeup to get the best looks. Cleaning the makeup brushes and blenders is a must to avoid breakout. So here are three easy steps to clean your beauty blenders. Keep in mind NEVER sleep with makeup on!



See you next week!

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La Petite

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