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In a time where commercial spots are invading us, authentic concepts, no matter how rare, are to be cherished!

Clever are the owners who seized the idea that people are coming not to fill their stomach but their eyes, souls, and hearts with exquisite experiences.

On a day where the weather was confused, I stepped, like an Alice in a wonderland of my own.

Fleur Thé, a resto/coffee/ flower shop, and yes Juliana mastered it all. Inside the “garden” nestles a cottage delicately decorated by the owner, herself an Interior architect, from items collected during her travels. You can also get your hands on paintings of a talented Iranian painter.

Juliana literary pampers her “visitors” with full attentive service. You have to witness it to know what I am talking about.

We opted for a fresh light lunch, and so we picked from the versatile menu:

– Pousses de Betteraves: circles of goat cheese, imported from France, creamy texture melting in your mouth over a bed of Rocca, slices of beetroot, artichokes, grapefruit and grilled mushrooms coated in a citrusy sauce, tasty as ever


– Roulades de thon: fresh tuna rolled in nori papers and carefully placed over Rocca papers and mango chutney, Jocelyne the chef is really creative!


– Catered to my vegetarian friend’s taste, Juliana, caring as ever, made her a grilled veggies club sandwich with a spread of  homemade guacamole and a side of roasted rosemary potatoes, ah delicioussss


– For the dessert, the temptations are many, yet we opted for the fresh out of the oven flourless chocolate cake with a side of homemade cream. Julianna offered us the rich dense hot chocolate made out of premium chocolate, DELICACY;)


I highly recommend you all to go get pampered and try what Fleur thé has to offer. Not only that, Juliana organizes workshops too!!


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