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Cross the Alleyway, take the right turn and walk into the Parisian bistro. Couqley has secured its place a long time ago in the french cuisine scene, placing the barre high with a menu carefully selected by its Chef Alexis Couquelet.

We enjoyed our evening despite some disturbances with lovely company sharing good food in a homey warm ambiance.

Roy was very sweet catering our requests, with some delays that were overlooked as attentive as he was!

The bread basket comes wrapped with a cloth to kept tender and warm; comforting carbs are always welcome!



My lemon juice with the sparkling water was hard to get! It took me few reminders to any waiter my eyes laid on before getting it:p

We ordered:

– All time famous Steak and frites, cooked “à point” coated with a creamy sauce and accompanied with crunchy fries


– Filet de boeuf: so here how it goes, my friend wanted originally a steak fries yet she does not like the sauce, Roy suggested the filet de boeuf yet omitted to mention it comes with potato gratin instead of fries. A waiter serves her the plate so she asks him directly if she can replace the gratin, the inexperienced grumpy waiter answers her: No, it is already served?! Shocked as we were, and upset until Roy comes and straight takes the plate to remove the gratin and gets her a side of fries. If it wasn’t for an on spot action from him, the situation wouldn’t be ok!


– Tartare de saumon: with reduced oil, as per my request. I loved how it comes without an avocado base but with peppercorn and chives, Light and fresh as you would want it.


Except for that small accident with that waiter, we had a good time as expected from such a reputable restaurant. Thank you, Roy, you sure made the dinner enjoyable.

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