Top 8 heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut-part 3!

Last year I set myself the mission of sharing with you my discoveries of the most heartwarming coffee shops in our beloved B city, and here we are on the third list, it is the charm! Afaf just because:A small outlet telling the story of a great lady, around a good cup of coffee or […]Read more


Year after year, I look forward my birthday. Another reason to celebrate is more than welcome. I never look at how old I am getting, will consider myself an eternal baby in soul, continuously looking for new adventures and discoveries. I am embracing these years, that are hopefully bringing me more wisdom, knowledge and experience. […]Read more

One word photo challenge: Cat, and CCY challenge: #23 Black and White

I love those photography challenges around one word / theme, I’m combining in this post both themes. It happened that few weeks ago, I was walking with a friend of mine, and we were intrigued by a small kitten on a pile of rocks near a construction site. It looked so fragile and scared, we tried to […]Read more