I love those photography challenges around one word / theme, I’m combining in this post both themes.

It happened that few weeks ago, I was walking with a friend of mine, and we were intrigued by a small kitten on a pile of rocks near a construction site. It looked so fragile and scared, we tried to help it, it wouldn’t approach us and in fact we didn’t want it to be even more scared or to get hurt.

And no cat themed challenge can pass without my favorite Baguera, this cat has an attitude. You can find it in the morning lying lazily in Roy’s public house in Badaro!

Another photo is for a group of cats, i caught them cleaning themselves on a fence! It was really funny how the three were doing coordinated moves in the same time!

It’s weird but i do believe that some photos do require to be in black and white to give a better reflection of the truth seen by our bare eyes.

I do take the photos originally in color and work on processing them.

All the photos in the post were taken by my iPhone 5 S, and for processing i work on Snapseed. I love this app and find it very handy.

I love taking old cars’ photos and I do believe they are better submitted in black and white.


001 (2)
Sacred kitty



Baguera the famous


Bath time


Keys found in an old house
Old car that i spotted in Hamra street


Another old car in Beit Merry



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