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After months, many months, I was finally back to the Zomato meetup! It is really fun to exchange with foodies who feel it is really ok to spend the first 5 minutes taking the best shot for the food though you and everyone on the table are starving! And who volunteer to hold the flash light to make the best shot possible. Or hold the pizza slice until they burn their hands just for others to take the shot of the melting cheese! Crazy heh!

In the charming Grand Hills Broumana hotel, nestles a charming italian restaurant: Pasquale.

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Decoration is average, they can work better on giving it an italian touch, maybe displaying the oven where the pizza is grilled. It is also better to place the olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles then serving them in small portions.

We were a group of almost 13 persons, it was really enjoyable.

The chef, italian himself, was frequently visiting our table and explaining about the dishes served. You can tell his passion and devotion.The servers were attentive; empty plates were replaced and water cups filled whenever needed. They were present without being imposing.

The bread basket has around 4 varieties out of which I preferred the focaccia w rosemary really tasty and light. We had a mix of seasoned sliced tomatoes on which I added balsamic vinegar to enhance the taste.

For starters we had:

  • Trilogy of tomatoes: fresh cherry mozzarella with basil: neat and simple, as you would expect it
  • Bresaola with figs and parmesan: I didn’t like the texture maybe the slices could be thinner and the figs and mushrooms are absent in the overall taste
  • Deep fried Calamari and Shrimps: you know I am not into fried food so I won’t judge this plate
  • Octopus Salad: the star salad, octopus creatively placed over mashed potatoes and perfectly cooked I loved it the most.
  • Prawns and fennel salad and Mixed seafood salad: both having average taste.


The main Pasta items were:

  • Penne with porcini mushrooms: I did not like it at all, weird texture and sort of undercooked
  • Spaghetti with carbonara: it had ham so I did not taste it, but the feedback that it was too salty
  • Gnocchi alla sorrentina: tasty and fresh again the best of this group

And to end the savoury part, there were 5 kinds of pizza:

  • Margherita and fungi were served after I left so cannot judge 😛
  • Quattro formaggi: the pizza dough is really a winner.
  • Smoked Salmon: very good quality of Salmon and the only one that looked appealing
  • Seafood selection: I like the seasoning of the mix

And since no meal can end without dessert, I requested to have mine before leaving!

There were three choices:

  • Orange blossom flan
  • White chocolate feuillette and
  • Tiramissu

I wanted to try the tiramissu and was awfully disappointed: lack of creaminess though very beautifully displayed, the recipe could use a review.


So overall, it was fun to be sharing a meal with fellow foodies and exchanging valid comment about the items we tried.

Thank you Grandhills hotel and spa for having us over and for the amazing service!



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