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 ABC Verdun, is now open adding a breath of freshness to Beirut.

I was mesmerized by the beauty of the location, who could have imagined that the tiny street of Verdun could host its own garden; you can be literally tempted to grab your picnic basket and laze in!

Ok maybe I am exaggerating here! So who needs a picnic basket when you have plenty of options all ready to welcome you.

From Lebanese, to Italian, Japanese, fast food and many others.

One that caught my attention since a while, was La petite table: besides its name that is so dear to my heart, after all i am La Petite! Their menu was always calling me and finally when i bumped into it in Verdun it was so inviting that i just grabbed a seat over an early lunch with my friend.

Located on the restaurants floor, with a vintage ambiance and caring host.

We were so tempted with their breakfast menu while sneaking to the scrumptious dishes served on the table next to us but our loss we arrived around half hour past twelve while they were clearing the buffet; another excuse to come back!

We opted for a light lunch and trust me non is deceiving:

The bread basket served with extra virgin olive oil preparing your appetite with comfort!


We shared:

  • Vegetable rolls: three generous rice paper rolls filled with vermicelli and a vegetable slaw medley served with an Asian dip and sprinkled with greens and hazelnuts


  • Goat cheese and strawberry salad: a colorful bowl of greens mix topped with fresh strawberry and three toasts covered with goat cheese slightly grilled and beautifully presented. The dressing complimenting the taste.


I sneaked in to check the ambiance inside while the manager was arranging the salad bar (that does not deceive) and attentively supervising and putting hand in the service.

It would be great to have ventilators installed outside and the manager ensured that they are only waiting some approvals.

Clearly I would love to be back for more!

La Petite


4 thoughts on “La Petite has its Table in Verdun!

  1. I drooled over every bit of this ambiance you’ve described and the yumminess of the menu, I’ll take a little time to ride myself up..
    Okay I’m good now.

    And thanks for the sweetly light written article and I’d love to visit everything you’d care to advise just for the sake of recreating the feeling you’ve spread with your words.

    Till then, cheers 🍻

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