You have probably seen #SundaysBySud running through your social media accounts and in case you asked your self what is it about?

Well it all starts with the location that transports you within few steps from the busy Armenia street to a terrace overlooking red roofs. Once you have disconnected, the live music animated by Dj carefully picking the rhythms matches the relaxing ambiance.


What would you say if I tell you to spend hours and hours from 10 AM till 4 pm savoring whatever you might crave? Yes this is #SundaysBySud.
A wide spread that keeps growing and changing captivates the sight and tickles the appetite. From cereals, nuts, jams, peanut butter, cheeses, to bread and pastries as well as fresh vegetables all refilled and stocked. Leaving room during those long hours to salads, pizzas, and alot more.


Live cooking saj and eggs station: you name the mix and it will be cooked before your eager eyes.


A dessert corner stocked with knefe, chocolate hazelnut tarte, chocolate fountain and fresh fruits. And the selection keeps growing through the day with the giant eclairs complimenting the show!


Did I mention the truffle pasta and the gigot or the shawarma? Well I am sure I forgot other available dishes as much as the selection is generous. And it is not only in quantity but most importantly the quality that was meticulously followed up by  lovely chefs Adrien Trouilloud & Rita Yazbeck who are equally the chefs for the sister restaurant La Petite table.


The sweet service, the generosity and the experience is just priceless. I prefer if you sit down before reading that ALL of this is for 35 $ ONLY. if you wish to have open prosecco bar you can add 10 $.

Take breaks in between, enhancing your baby foot or billiard skills!


Seriously guys, book your spot NOW! Look at my smile!


La Petite





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