It was a pleasure to be a guest blogger with Baraa El Sabbagh, a passionate  dietitian, sports nutritionist, and personal trainer. If you are looking for motivation and big flow of positivity, make sure you follow her!


She developed a workout application suitable for beginners: My PTHub. I tried it myself and can tell you I am In love as the workouts are customized according to your level of fitness and goals. She can also combine them with a diet program with constant support wherever you are based. Use code PTITNFIT upon checkout to grant you 10 % discount! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!


Baraa has equally written a recipe e-book with her sister Mirna; it is available in both English and arabic, and it includes easy healthy recipes. Trust me, the carrot muffin cake was to die for.

And finally, head to Baraa’s blog to read my post about the seven reasons you should start doing Pilates now with my first ten minutes total body workout video !

Stay Fabulous


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