The lovely energetic and inspiring lady behind Dalia recommends, Dalia Roumi invited us to try Zaatar w Zeit newly opened branch in Zaitunay bay last week.

Such as pleasant experience to be around positive ladies where each was exchanging her thoughts and experiences all over tasty food served by the innovative Zaatar w Zeit.

The new branch follows the same decoration as the other outlets, and the same level of friendliness and hospitality.

We opted for sharing several items of the menu.

As a start we had different kind of salads:

  • Chicken salad: Dalia’s favorite! and it deserves that special treatment! tasty mix of greens enhanced by the acidity of the sundried tomatoes and the  nutty flavor of the pine seeds


  • Chicken ceaser: I usually don’t order it but ZWZ had it right with the dressing that has a zesty aftertaste, loved it!


  • Quinoa tabbouli: I will not judge it since I am not a tabbouli fan


  • Quinoa halloumi salad: a recommended one with generous portion and lightness


  • Chicken kale: I like it but I think the kale could use a better “massage” to enhance the absorption of the sauce by the leaves


For the wraps we shared:

  • The wild zaatar: My favorite of the whole meal


  • Kafta mohammara: I did not feel the difference between it and the regular kafta though


  • Famous chicken: balanced flavors


  • Bbq steak: again the bbq taste is not evident


The best was yet to come, ending the eve on sweet note, we shared:

  • Z knefeh: waw it could be among the top knefeh options and I am not exaggerating, the dough does not mask the stuffing, just a thin layer covering the knefeh to leave you enjoying it, a must try!
  • A selection of Banana ashtalieh the Ktiramissu, brownies and chocolate mousse cake: beautifully served but the taste is average.

Do not forget you can enjoy ZWZ at the comfort of your house, just download the Application available for both iPhone and Android, and head to Dalia’s instagram to get a discount code!

Thank you Dalia, looking forward next time:)

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