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An experience to be rated as high as the grades allow!

So what is Baron: as they define themselves perfectly on their website, Baron is a  Mediterranean influenced, European executed and entirely Beirut! They are striving to be creative and provide a welcoming place  and to be the favorite, neighborhood joint! They are cooking food that is meaningful and delicious with local ingredients coming from all over Lebanon.

Without a reservation, we were tempted to try our luck of finding 2 seats in the very busy newly opened Baron in Mar Mikhayel. Lucky us, not only we had two seats but hey were on the Bar, food station as they call it! A sort of live cooking station that will make your mouth water to try all their “creations”!

A versatile menu to satisfy all cravings! You can find the menu on their website (though prices are slightly higher than what is written).

The welcome bread basket was two pieces of very tender focaccia style bread pieces with a muhamara like dip: the best way to start teasing your palate and prepare it for the coming treats! Loved the twisted plate:)

We ordered:

  • The aubergine salad: hail to their chef, how creative can someone go with such basic ingredients: a perfect tribute to Mediterranean cuisine indeed: A big aubergine sliced longitudinally in two, roasted till its meat got tender, then topped with Tahini sauce, pomegranate seeds and lots and lots of roasted pine nuts!
  • Calamari à la provençale: with Zhoug: which is technically the coriander, garlic and parsley mix that coats the calamari: cooked to perfection
  • Apple pie: their version with a twist: it reminded me of the Lebanese fried atayef stuffed with caramelized apples and dusted with cinnamon and walnuts all coated with caramel sauce and a vanilla ice-cream scoop on the side: a perfect end of the meal.

As I told you before, being seated on the bar, we witnessed several preparations that only made us more eager to come back. That includes the chicken dumplings: where Shawarma meets Chinese dumplings served in bamboo box, the whole roasted cauliflower salad as well as the kale salad decorated with edible flowers.


Baron placed the barre really high with their innovative cuisine. Thank you for such a unique experience; can not wait to be back indeed!

That was my face expression throughout the meal!


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