Following Souk El Tayeb’s Tawlet from Ammik to Beit El Qamar and Saida

Souk El Tayeb is a pioneer in paying homage to the Local cuisine respecting the tradition of each region. Whether in its actual souk on Saturdays, different Tawlet and Beit, it strives to empower the locals and small producers by giving them the tools to grow and evolve. In a culinary journey, I was happy […]Read more

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Zad Zaman: from the village to your plate

A lovely invitation from Intuitions agency to gather over a tasty meal with other bloggers and enjoy a sweet evening laughing and chatting and savoring real Lebanese cuisine. Zad Zaman is a new Lebanese restaurant in Dbayeh. easily reached and what hides behind the ground floor doors will surely not deceive you. Elie, the passionate […]Read more