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A lovely invitation from Intuitions agency to gather over a tasty meal with other bloggers and enjoy a sweet evening laughing and chatting and savoring real Lebanese cuisine.

Zad Zaman is a new Lebanese restaurant in Dbayeh. easily reached and what hides behind the ground floor doors will surely not deceive you.

Elie, the passionate manager, made sure to take us on a tour, in the small outlet yet having great potentials:

  • As the name indicates, Elie has partnered with some local producers to not only provide Lebanese mouneh, but equally innovating one such as green tea and olive leaves extracts among other choices. These items are the ones used to prepare the dishes too
  • A fresh cocktail corner where all sort of juices and cocktails are custom-made, besides the ice cream bar
  • Deli corner with premium ingredients from which you can pick what you want to customize your pizza
  • The cold dishes section where mezze is displayed
  • Live saj station
  • Plat du jour with a menu changing on monthly basis.

After this tour we were hungry and eager to start dining, the outstanding presentation of all dishes with no exception was so appealing !

  • Motabal and salatet raheb: and you guys know how much I love it, both were so fresh and delicious, thank god some do not like eggplant as I had more for me!
  • Homos zad zaman based on beetroot as well as regular homos both with creamy texture


  • Mohamara this should be their signature dish


  • Shanklish layered with parsley, onions and tomatoes, to be tasted with the fresh saj bread!


  • Tabbouli quinoa: surely the best version I have tasted so far


  • Fatoush: could not be better specially with the toasted bread and alooooooooot of debs reman, you got it right guys!


  • waraa enab: fingerlicious green rolls!


  • Falafel platter: crunchy golden circles along with tahini and veggie slaw


  • Makanek and wings: I did not taste them as I am not a fan of either
  • Batata harra hot reddish spicy cubes


  • Msakhan djej that was a bit dry


  • Mixed pastries platter: from kebbe to spinach to sambusik and rkakat although all is fired they were not sogging with oil and the fillings are tasty


  • Pizzas crowning the table: zad zaman is a star indeed, vegetarian pepperoni and a very yummy shrimps and spinach
  • and ending the savory part with the mixed grills of which I looooooooooooved the meat the most: tender veal is surely the best choice; kabab was good and teh taouk could be more moist


The show was sealed with a sweet end:

  • Biscuit and halkoum, jello and custard jars faithful to childhood memories
  • Tasty kaak fingers with debs


  • Othmalieh golden circle that had to bear with us the numerous shots to get the perfect mouth-watering image!


Thank you zad zaman for your hospitality and I highly recommend everyone to visit this lovely restaurant.


La Petite



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