Top Five Spring trends: Let’s get Shopping

My excitement level from season to season is fueled by the valid excuse of shopping! But I can’t deny that when it comes to Spring, it is by far my favorite season.The breeze and colorful backdrops are appetite openers to hit the shops and fill the carts. If you are looking to update your seasonal […]Read more

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: What you need for your wardrobe makeover.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Whatever was the day you are choosing to go on your shopping trip, I will guide you through this season’s trends. Temperatures are dropping, it is time to make that switch to your fall- winter wardrobe. Well I know that most probably you will find out about items that you […]Read more

Lily’s: the sweet scent of spring.

On a springy day, where the taste buds are blossoming like flowers, eager to new experiences, I went to catch up with my friend over lunch on the terrace. I called earlier to reserve, and a sweet host booked me a table. Upon arriving, a professional staff with genuine smiles welcoming us and guiding us […]Read more


It is time to start preparing eid outfits! Escape the heat and indulge in long shopping hours strolling the malls and shopping districts. Want a better excuse?! Sales started everywhere, shopping is tempting and good deals are to be grabbed. Floral prints are still a hit. Stay trendy during this season: either with abstract or […]Read more