My excitement level from season to season is fueled by the valid excuse of shopping!

But I can’t deny that when it comes to Spring, it is by far my favorite season.
The breeze and colorful backdrops are appetite openers to hit the shops and fill the carts. If you are looking to update your seasonal wardrobe, recycling outfits with a new touch of accessories or just get a sneak peek of what to keep and what to ditch this season, keep scrolling down for some inspiration. 

1- Biker Shorts And Jorts

Whether you know how to cycle or you have nothing to do with it “cough” like me ! Biker shorts are the next staple in you wardrobe for the season and so are their jeans version; and it is not restricted to sport look, pair them with a blazer and heels for a casual chic look, or just with your favorite sneakers for a brunch date with the girls


2- Colors and Prints

A rainbow worthy and trip around the globe patterns and colors. Bandanna prints to florals and tie dye, yellow ochre, lemon and cream, tangerine, pastels and grass green.


3- Ugly sandals

The trend of “ugly” shoes is on with these sandals, but hey you have to admit they are way too comfortable to miss and you will feel like a tourist whenever you wear one!


4- Hair color and accessories

Your hair equally deserves a transition care; would you dare the rose quartz or are you the sunlight brunette? Stay on top of this season’s trends by checking more here.

As for the accessories, think huge headbands and your grandmother’s pearl hair pins. She better have them saved for you!

Sophia Beirut

5- Skin Care

Even if you were wearing the most gorgeous outfit, you have to shine beauty from within and care for your skin so why don’t you follow these steps for a fresh springy start!

Finally, the soul needs energy cleaning too, and here are some tips to help you get through another season free as a bird!

Get shopping! Oh and before I go, here are some of my spring looks where I was dressed by otherside. Check their beautiful selection and let them know La Petite recommended!


Salmon Dress
Floral Power
Pleated Metallics


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La Petite

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