Hello my peeps, how is it going. From Mother’s day to Royal baby arrival, Met gala and much more going on the scene, here are some interesting links for you this week!

F for fashion

Well we had to start with the most jaw dropping event of the year. The Met gala with the Camp theme, witnessed one of the most creative looks ever seen. Talk about double heads, multiple eyes, chandelier and more! Check inside look at the gala and some of the best fashion statements!

Credits to The Egde


F for Food

We are almost hitting the third week of Ramadan, can you imagine how time flies fast! How about we take a tour with Anissa Helou and check what is Iftar like around the Muslim world? You might get inspired with some dishes!

F for Fitness

We might hate it, but lunges are the most effective ways to shape both the thighs and the booty. Here is a guide on how to do them properly to avoid injuries. Annnnd I posted the first part of my pilates workout using the ring so check it and wait for part 2!


F for Fun

Ready to be carried out into a dreamy era, where trains ride where filled with stories and mysteries? No need for time travel as you can experience this with the Venice Simplon orient train. Get enchanted!



Credits to Conde nast 


See you next week!

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