Eid Mobarak, I hope that you spent quality time with your loved ones and family.

Though I only skipped a week yet it felt weird to be back and write the newsletter! I am not feeling my best, I guess if you go back to my yearly after Ramadan mood, it will be the same, sort of in denial of ending a month full of blessings and inner peace. I feel as if I am thrown out there to handle life again, to be back to a routine that doesn’t excite me anymore, and in the meantime, I am fasting the six days of Shawal, hoping to organize my inner mess in between.

F for Fun /Facts

Seems that soon, there will be a blood test for anxiety or these 15 physical signs could be indicative! Were you a host recently? or will be? make sure to check the rudest things a host can do to their guests and AVOID them! Take a look at the most followed wedding of the season, Sofia Richie and her dreamy wedding weekend!

F for Fashion

In between the weird weather in Lebanon, how to wear leather this spring, I can’t help but getting excited over these spring dress trends. Fan of wedges shoes? they are back ad here is how to style them!

F for Fitness

Is walking enough to keep you in shape? If not, Pamela’s workouts definitely do!

F for Food

How should you store your condiments? And how about you satisfy your sweet tooth with Mira’s date cake recipe!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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