Last week marked my 36th birthday, expect soon to publish the regular year review and what a review:(. I am forever grateful and blessed with the amount of love and support that is online and offline, of all the genuine care and attention that I got that day, with all the emotional challenges that I was enduring, and still am. One important message that I repeat to myself, and to you: Let it be, this to shall pass.

While many are still waiting to be vaccinated, others are worried about the rising reports about Astrazeneca vaccine in Europe.
The long hauler symptoms can now have hopes as studies are showing that the vaccine is helping them, And finally, USA have witnessed the birth of the first baby with immunity against COVID 19 acquired from his mother.

F for Facts/Fun

Apparently, the pandemic have shaped our behavior on all levels, even when it comes to plastic surgery!

F for Fashion

Wardrobe switch is calling and here are the hottest spring trends: Knit dresses, bright colors, romantic cuts and oversized still going strong. Take a look at the best dressed Grammy stars.

F for Food

I bet the smell of these Paleo cookies will lift your mood! I got mine with the non paleo version by Hisham!

F for Fitness /Health

We are all facing many challenges that are affecting our mental health and I cannot stress enough on the importance of being gentle to oneself so how about you Spring clean your mental health?

See you next week!

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