Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Whatever was the day you are choosing to go on your shopping trip, I will guide you through this season’s trends.

Temperatures are dropping, it is time to make that switch to your fall- winter wardrobe. Well I know that most probably you will find out about items that you did not even wear the previous season. Which makes it a great opportunity to de-clutter and recycle whatever you will never wear again.

Now that you have more space in your closet to new items, here is what you can, should, must get

  • Men suit: to be styled with feminine or sporty touch as you like
Photo credit to Pinterest
  • Oversized blazers and why not have them checkmate
pinterest saved maria alejandra olarte
Photos Credit to Maria Olarte
  • Checkmate: Go extreme a bit and wear checkmate from Head to Toe
checkmate outfit
Photo Credit to Pinterest
  • Metallic : shine on day and night
metallic skirt
Photos from Pinterest
  • Fringe are still in season: skirts, jackets, tops… get creative
fringe jeans
Photos from Pinterest
  • Red: flame it with a total red look if you dare!
red outfit harper's bazaar
Photos Credit to Pinterest
  • Burgundy if you prefer tamed colors
Photos Credit to Pinterest
  • Wide belts are back!
belt bag from an article in elle espana
Photos Credit to Prada
  • Fur: else how would you beat the cold!However preferably opt for faux fur, we don’t want to hurt those furry friends do we?
furr 1
Photos Credit to Pinterest
  • Sheer else how can you strike the look
sheer with leather
Photos credit to Pinterest
  • Combat shoes: you have to prefer comfy
combat boot dress
Photos from Pinterest

Bonus,  why not take a sneak peek of what your spring wardrobe should have!

  • Sheer yeah it will be double strike!
sheer skirt with sneakers-article from stealthelook
Photos Credit to Steal the look
  • Lavender: that red was flashy time to tame it down
pinterest from flip-zone dotcom
Photos Credit to Flip The Zone
  • Shorts: shed those layers, it feels good after the hibernation!
pinterest steal the look
Photos Credit to Leandra Medine
  • Trenches: yeah mind you it wont be summer yet!
pinterest from an article from buzztendency dotcom
Photos Credit to Buzz Tendency
  • Tailored denim: suit A ble!
denim pinterest from oliviastyle dot blogspot
Photos credit to Olivia Style
  • Pencil skirt: show that silhouette
pencil skirt pinterest from an article in luvv it site
Photos Credit to Luvv it
  • Belt bags: wide one for this spring!
wide belt compliation
Photos Credit to Pinterest
  • Pointed toe shoes: are never out of style
pointy toes pinterest saved from the teacher diva
Photo Credit to The Teacher Diva

Happy shopping, be aware though to leave some money left to go out and wear these beauties!

La Petite


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