There is something in that Spring soft weather and breeze that instantly lifts the mood and makes you want to achieve and succeed and laugh and get dressed and enjoy life!
Nevertheless, some people are just so used to being evil, without considering the effect of their actions; they always justify and validate what they do as rightful, I train myself that whatever they do is reflection of who they are and not what I do or don’t.

F for Fun /Fact

Is there a culture shift in social media? Follow these 6 tips to use ChatGPT but what if Chat GPT planned your vacation? Master Instagram SEO.

F for Fashion

Chanel Cruise collection was mesmerizing this week in LA, with barbie core, 80s vibes and full west coast mood. Which spring shoes go with which outfit and what are the season’s sneakers trends? Wes Anderson made me do it!

F for Fitness /Health

Does coffee boosts your metabolism? How to breathe better? Which exercises do personal trainers avoid? Abs on fyaaa!

F for Food

Easy recipes for when you are burnout, how to stir natural nut butter without going nuts and how to cook scrambled eggs like a pro! Mini Focaccia anyone?

See you next week!

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