Reporting from under piles of clothes ad shoes and detergents! Spring cleaning ain’t joking here! I am EXHAUSTED and I need a day at a spa!
But, cleaning or chilling, I always come back to you with news don’t I! My subscriptions are now live on my Instagram, and it would mean the world to see you subscribing to get exclusive access to fashion and style tips, lifestyle and beauty and a lot more of my raw unfiltered life!

F for Fun /Facts

In honor of National Museum Day, the access to the museums in Lebanon is for free this weekend and it is a must visit. We know the narcissist but what is an echoist? Barbie core is cool but how a man called Ken feels about barbie memes!

F for Fashion

Gucci Cruise in Seoul was revealed in the old royal palace, honoring the vibrant street style of the city while giving room for the creativity that was lead by the former designer Alessandro to shine, through the Gucci’s team know how, skirt suits, bike shorts, surfing uniforms, voluminous skirts and more. Bulgari Mediterranea in Venice stole the light with the gorgeous brand ambassadors, and so did the red carpet in Cannes; I am getting the reviews ready at the end of the festival so stay tuned! And in other news, Atelier Jolie by non other then Angelina is soon to be launched in the aim of democratizing the fashion industry for consumers by allowing them direct access to work with skilled artisans while supporting the refugees. Beyoncé on another hand teased her followers with a new haircare venture.

F for Fitness

31 effective core exercises that you can do at home or shred them with this HIIT workout but don’t hate me! Here is a spring workout list to make things smoother with music and 13 ways to feel excited about your workout!

F for Food

A roundup of the best Instagram recipes, and a pasta with broccoli pesto sounds cool. You got me a easy! 37 easy baking recipes with 5 ingredients or less. How to keep your greens fresher?

See you next week!

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