Hamdella your girl is happy and blessed to have fasted the 6 days of Shawwal, may our deed be accepted. However Mr. Full Moon is loading and along with the retrogrades, someone is having extreme insomnia (as by base I have it yet it takes another level with triggers) not to forget the inconsiderate people in the building who are still having their trashy party every single Saturday starting 1 AM till early morning:(

F for Fun/ Facts

The highlight of the week was for sure the Met Gala! All eyes were on the stars and their looks. The theme was to honor Karl Lagerfeld, what were his most problematic moments? Did you know that some actually pay to go to the gala?

F for Fashion

Now the big deal was the LOOKSSSS. Check here and here and beauty looks here and after part looks! Shop some red carpet inspired looks and check my own reviews on Tiktok (1, 2 an 3) and below!

F for Fitness

Heal with yoga poses for lower back pain, resistance band butt workout to shape it and exercises to do if you are sitting all day! Splits are at your reach with these tricks!

F for Food

Nut butters aren’t created equally; almond vs peanut butter which one to pick! Water is now a tiktok trend? Try this shrimp recipe by Barnard and Soleen.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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