Guess what, Mercury retrograde is over and the shadow effect which lasts for two weeks is almost half way through. We were also graced by full moon and now that we are done with all the cosmic dance, shall we expect some relief?! Amen!

I am proud to share with you this week the breast cancer awareness campaign that I was part of with Careem all over the arab World💚💓. Show your girl some love and please ladies, don’t forget your yearly checkup.

In Covid news, what will Delta variant spread look like this fall and winter? And what to do if people mistake your allergies with Covid? Also how to manage COVID anxiety?

F for Fun

A new social network in town, and it has a very special feature! Hint, less is more!

F for Fitness (health)

What to eat this Fall to boost your immunity? And how to slow cognitive decline with flavonoids  rich foods.

F for Fashion ( beauty)

Let’s check this review of fall fashion from the 2k. Time to get your DIY skills with this rice water to promote hair length.

F for Food

Indulge in this Fall packed flavors roots vegetables and barley soup this weekend!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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