The first rain drops have fallen this week and though I am not enthusiastic about it, we have to accept that it is the season! I am trying to maintain certain activities such as Yoga and working out in order to enhance my mental wellbeing. I don’t lie to you, I am in a transitional phase in my life now and after also a rough year I am learning how to slow it down and prioritize myself.

Just like I am trying to accept this ongoing nightmare in Lebanon. Reliving the fear, uncertainty and traumatic events over and over just because we are ruled by bunch of egoistic leaders, not that the word fits them, who are playing with our lives worse than squid games. Allah saves us

As flu and allergy season is knocking the door, it is crucial to differentiate their symptoms from COVID so here is an infographic to guide y

F for Fun /Facts

We celebrated this week the World Metal Health day and for that I have two important topics for you; how to deal with anger with these coping mechanism and how to boost self esteem.

F for Fashion

Stay on top of the trends this fall. Leather puffer jacket are the new It trend and take a look at zara’s fall shoes collection.

F for Fitness

15 minutes calming yoga flow is what you need to end the day on peaceful notes o start it with proper feet!

F for Food

Cliche but who can resist the smell of pumpkin spices. Here is a pumpkin bread recipe or if yo are sick f it check these banana recipes too!

See you next week!

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