October seems to be putting things back in perspective: life is resuming its courses as schools opened their doors and many companies resumed daily presence at the offices and it leaves you wondering will life be ever the same again? Are you adapting? Would love to know your thoughs.

I am starting a new Chapter in my life as I turn the page on the past years which were very harsh and praying for a fresh new start. But as a Pisces I am sure the adaptation is my number one skill so let us see!

My ladies, don’t forget to get your yearly routine check for breast cancer early detection. And here are 5 new things we learned about Covid.

F for Fun

Are you preparing yourself for an interview, here are things that YOU SHOULD NOT say to your recruiter! After your interview, time to netfix and chill, so check the October releases. And bonus fun touch this week, here are the ten stages of dealing with instagram outage!

F for Food

It is apple season yall, so how about a low fat tarte tatin by David Lebovitz. Why not try a cinnamon swirl oven pancake for a change!

F for Fitness

Are you low on energy and motivation to workout, start with 20 minutes cardio workout and end it with 15 minutes pilates stretch routine .

F for Fashion

Paris didn’t disappoint with a fashion week that got us dreaming already abut spring summer to wear all the trends that we saw on runways of the best designers. Givenchy drew inspiration from the 40s with ruffles and sequins, as well as paintings from John Smith. Louis Vuitton Grand bal of time was inspired by the 19th century with voluminous details on the hips, capes and beaded headpieces. Miu Miu had year 2k nostalgia brought low waste and mini skirts back while Chanel brought the 1990s back and Karl Lagerfield touch with the branded underwear and sports bra, denim with butterfly motif and classic Chanel Cardigan. Elie Saab ventured into the monogram print and graphics inspired by the 1970s, lace sundresses and short sets, Giambattista Valli’s collection was a classic take of romanticism in terms of flouncy pink dresses, crop tops and skirts, and a light and sexy post pandemic mood.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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